LEARNMEM2018 is excited to offer the following fellowships to support students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty participating in the conference.

BrightFocus Foundation Travel Fellowship

Three (3) Travel Fellowships in the amount of US$1,500 each were awarded to researchers studying Alzheimer's disease. These Fellowships are supported by a generous grant from the BrightFocus Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports research to end Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration and glaucoma. BrightFocus is at the forefront of brain and eye health, advancing early-stage, investigator-initiated research around the world. BrightFocus also provides educational materials to people affected by or interested in these diseases, empowering them to take action for themselves and others. The BrightFocus Travel Fellowships were awarded to: Stephanie Leal, Ph.D., postdoctoral scholar in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, Siddharth Ramanan (), PhD student at the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney, Australia, and Holly Hunsberger (@hhunsber), postdoctoral fellow in psychiatry, Columbia University. Congratulations to the winners!

Holly Hunsberger

Postdoctoral Fellow
Columbia University

Stephanie Leal

Postdoctoral Fellow
University of California, Berkeley

Siddharth Ramanan

Doctoral Student
University of Sydney, Australia

SciTechEdit International Travel Fellowship

One (1) Travel Fellowship in the amount of US$1,500 was awarded to a non-native English-speaking foreign scientist to travel to and present at the conference. This Fellowship is supported by a generous grant from SciTechEdit International, an organization that works closely with clients to help them produce clear, well-constructed manuscripts describing their scientific, medical, and technical research findings for publication in English-language journals. They provide prepublication services, including editing, polishing, proofreading, and translation of scientific manuscripts. The SciTechEdit International Travel Fellowship was awarded to Marlieke van Kesteren, Ph.D. (@marliekevk), postdoctoral scholar in educational neuroscience at VU Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Congratulations Marlieke!

Marlieke van Kesteren

Postdoctoral Fellow
VU Amsterdam

National Institutes of Health Travel Fellowship

Three (3) Travel Fellowships in the amount of US$1,500 each were awarded  thanks to a conference grant from the National Institutes of Health (NINDS and NIA).

The NIH Travel Fellowships were awarded to Ariana Stickel, Doctoral student at the University of Arizona, Cory Inman, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow at Emory University and Steve Ramirez, Ph.D. Assistant Professor at Boston University. Congratulations!

Ariana Stickel

Doctoral Student
University of Arizona

Cory Inman

Postdoctoral Fellow
Emory University

Steve Ramirez

Assistant Professor
Boston University